Meet Ali Markfeld


About 15 years ago, I sought the help of a traditional physician because I was plagued with chronic fatigue, back pain and digestive issues, That physician's solution was drugs, and my research showed that they were likely creating more long-term health risks than they were treating.


I started working with a nutritionist, and reversed my thyroid condition and osteoporosis. Then, I added a functional MD, chiropractor and naturopath to my health team.


Over time, I discovered that my food choices were at the heart of all my problems -- fatigue, back pain and headaches. In a continuing effort to feel well and more energized, I added spiritual practices and exercise to my daily routine.


By changing my habits and lifestyle, I have overcome depression, pain, chronic fatigue, autoimmune disease and digestive issues. Now I have energy, peace and excitement in my lilfe.


About a year ago, I discovered the Institute of Transformational Nutrition, and found a program and a process that supported what I had learned on my own.


My coaching practice combines the knowledge I gained through my own search and the techniques I learned through certification with The Institute.


After years in a successful real estate career, I've realized my true calling -- to get the word out to others who are caught in the cycle of taking pills to treat symptoms, instead of getting after the root cause. 


Life is an incredible journey and should be done in the best of health.