10-Session Individual Coaching

A Personalized Program to Reach Your Health and Lifestyle Goals with Your Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach


  • Ten individualized, 45-minute coaching sessions via phone, Skype, or in-person for body, mind and spirit transformation to achieve permanent change


  • Includes 21 day detox progam and 6 week diet plan

  • Support for strong health and anti-aging 

  • Nutrition

    • List of foods to avoid and foods to include according to your specific needs

    • 3-day food journal and ideas on how to eat mindfully

    • Recipes to fit your lifestyle

  • Daily Practices

    • Establishing daily rituals to lift your mood and keep you focused on your goals 

    • Energizing throughout the day

    • How to ground yourself

    • Discovering the right exercise routine for you

    • How to sleep for full restoration

  • Removing and Replacing Toxins

    • How to avoid toxic housecleaning products and what to use instead 

    • Recognize which ingredients to avoid in cosmetics and personal hygiene products and what to do instead

  • Continued Assistance for Permanent Change

    • Email support during coaching period

    • Private Facebook group during and after private coaching


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